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Welcome to Stall TheMa, a page for our foreign visitors!

Stall TheMa is sitauated in westsouthern Sweden, approximately 1½ hour drive from Gothenburg. The name of the stable is a combination of our names, Therese and Marie. Who are we then?

Therese is the daughter of Marie and the one who´s in charge of the website. Together we form Stall TheMa which was started in 2005, although our mother-daughter relation and collaboration goes way further back in time! :)
Our common passion for horses has brought us close together and naturally that is a priceless thing, to share so much time together doing what we love the most!


In the mid 90´s Marie decides to buy our first horse, which turns out to be nothing else than a lovely fjordmare named Diana. Here our journey begins. First as one-horse owners but as the time goes, the stable starts to fill up. At first there is quite a variety of horses, tough still ALWAYS at least one Fjord Horse!


In her teens Therese rides, educates and participate in both dressage and jump competitions with her ponies. It is also during this time we meet the one person who is going to alter our lives forever, and who quite frankly is the one we have to thank for being where we are today! Because our friendship and cooperation with Annerli Johansson and Lennart Gustavsson at Stall Björkhem (Fjord horse breeders) has given us opportunities and experiences which, in a major way, has a given place in our success.

It all begins with Annerli asking Therese if she would like to help out with the approved stallion Alexander Lukas 183. An offer that couldn’t be refused, especially since Therese at the time being had no other horse to ride. This is the start of a 15 year, and counting, long teamwork between Stall Björkhem, Therese and Marie. Our teamwork consists of education and competition with some of the fjordhorses from Stall Björkhem. For the last years it has primary been concentrated to handling and preparing mares and stallion for their evaluation tests.


In 2008 we decide to try our own luck as breeders of Fjord Horse and form Stall TheMa. At the time we owned one fjordmare, Björkhems Raska 3136, but soon they would be more! When we began to look for two youngsters who would be the foundation of our breeding, our goal was to find two young mares with genuine bloodlines, particularly on the mother side. Off course we began by looking at the ones available at Stall Björkhem and quite soon found what we was looking for! At the age of 2 years old, the summer 2008, Björkhems Ässa-Mi 3434 becomes the first breeding mare at Stall TheMa! During the fall we find our next mare, Malva (2 years old), at Elisabeth Larsson (a well-known Fjord horse breeder) and suddenly we have our two breeding mares! Apparently two good ones too!

In summer 2009 both “Ässa” and Malva receives a Swedish breeding diploma and qualifies for the breeding evaluation in Vetlanda in fall. Among Swedens best 3-year old Fjord Horse mares this year Malva and “Ässa” ends in second and first place! Both were given extraordinary high points! Malva went in second place with 109899 = 45p while Björkhems Ässa-Mi 3434 was entitled “Best 3-year old mare 2009”, and later that day, “Best In Show” with 109998 = 45p! A very good start for Stall TheMa!


In 2010 Stall TheMa’s first foals were born, Malexia (Alexander Lukas 183 & Malva) and Äbba-Mi (Brynje 218 & Björkhems Ässa-Mi 3434). We also got a new breeding mare, Björkhems Tara 3280, who’s extraordinary beautiful and got great movements! During the fall, in September the annual stallion test was presented in Vetlanda (as usual) and this year we brought our 2,5-year old stallion Björkhems Arn. He finished second in his category and got his breeding approval! Huge happiness all over again!


2011 became a year where all our expectations were exceeded! In April three foals were born, all mares and for the first time we could use our stud name as a prefix! We welcomed TheMa’s Tingla, TheMa’s Älska-Mi and TheMa’s Matcha to the world. The biggest happening during the spring ought to be Björkhems Arn 275 participation in the 3-years test for ponies. He did not only participate, he won! Highest score in both free-jumping and dressage (paces) among the other 40 attendants! In summer 2011 Björkhems Tara 3280 recieved her A-letter at the evaluations in Svenljunga.

More to come!




Stall TheMa

Marie Sandelin


Therese Arvidsson